NOTE: As of January 2018, until further notice, we will not be regularly scheduling new exhibitions. 

The information below will be effective if we resume scheduling.

The Gallery at Spencer Lofts presents monthly exhibits in its state-of-the-art facility. If you are interested in an exhibition of your own work or in proposing a group show, please read on.

Interested artists should submit the following for the consideration of the Gallery managers to

1.    Images of work samples with descriptive information, preferably link to artist’s website.

2.    Résumé including exhibition history.

3.    A brief description of proposal for exhibition.

Gallery managers will review your request and respond with a decision within one month.

Information for Artists Offered an Exhibition

Meet with Gallery Managers Discuss schedule and term of exhibition, confirm dates for installation and for opening reception (and/or closing reception, lecture, presentation, etc); discuss number and type of works to be shown. A visit to the Gallery to assess the space is recommended. Gallery managers will email a copy of an insurance waiver (to be signed and submitted one month before exhibition installation), review procedures, answer questions, assist in planning exhibition. To reiterate, signed insurance waiver/release must be submitted and fees (see below) paid one month prior to installation.

Installing Your Exhibition
Framed works or stretched canvases must be properly wired across the back for hanging in the Gallery’s wall-mounted track hanging system; nothing can be affixed directly to the walls (eg, with nails). The Gallery has several pedestals suitable for displaying small sculptures. Artists are responsible for coordinating a time and day to deliver and install work, in consultation with Gallery managers. We can provide assistance and guidance.

Publicity is managed by the Gallery. We create and distribute a press release, send email announcement via the Gallery’s MailChimp account, post to social media (to the Gallery’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts) and to the Gallery website. Additional promotional materials (such as postcards) produced by the artist should be approved by the Gallery. Artists are welcome to post our announcements of their exhibitions to their own social-media sites as well.

Opening Reception
Artists are responsible for providing refreshments and drinks for their receptions. The Gallery provides cups, paper plates, napkins, and utensils. We can help you set up at opening receptions.

The gallery receives a 20% commission on all works sold. Note: Our volunteer Gallery managers do not actively market, promote, or seek sales. We are a non-profit, self-sustaining venue; thank you for your support!

The Gallery does not hold insurance for artwork on display and is not responsible for loss or damage of the artist’s work.  Exhibiting artists will be asked to sign a waiver of claims/release of liability.
*Individual artists must pay a fee of $50 for use of the space. Group shows require a fee of $100.
*Additionally, a check for $100 must be written as collateral for any damage to the gallery during the show. The check will be held until the works are removed and, if no damage has occurred, the check will be returned. Checks are payable to “Spencer Lofts Condo Trust.”

NOTE: Non-artist residents of Spencer Lofts are welcome to apply to use the Gallery space for single-event art exhibits (eg, fund-raisers, etc), schedule permitting, without routine exhibition terms or publicity. Please submit your proposal using the Event Rental application.

Still have a question?  Email us:

You may also reach the gallery managers at or